What To Know For Your Upcoming Test

With so many debates about marijuana legalization and the benefits of it for the economy, it is hard to know what states have laws for and against the citizens. Especially when it comes to drug testing in your state.

  There are so many different types of tests out there, and each has a different weakness for the companies using them to watch for. The three main types of tests most companies use are the saliva test, the urine test, and the hair follicle test. These are in order of easiest to fool and cheapest to the company.

  The saliva test is the first and cheapest test there is. The reason for that is because this test is only looking for activated THC content in the person saliva. This means a user will only fail if they have been smoking in the past day or two. Making this test incredibly inaccurate for actually succeeding in catching a user.

  The second, more commonly used, the test is the urine test. This test is much more successful because it uses a person's urine to test for THC metabolites left over in the urine. These metabolites hang around in a person body for around three weeks to a month on average.

  The good news is these are not usually surprising tests. Most of the time it is a pre-employment screening test and is announced to the person receiving it. There are ways to fool this test with stealthy use of fake or false urine. These are moderately successful so long as you can hide your utensil for transporting the urine. Otherwise, the most successful way to fool it water. Lots of water drinking in the days before the test will help purify the person's system. Most companies use this test because it helps to keep employees honest at work.

  The last and most successful test is the hair follicle test. This test is often used by more corporate positions and heavy machinery operators. It is a more conclusive test that uses a subject's hair to look at through a powerful electron microscope. This is the gold standard of drug testing and is the most costly one as well. It will be able to see any drugs done in the amount of time some one's hair has been growing. There are only a few questionable ways to fool this test as well. The Internet is the best place to try to find a solution for you.