Types Of Drug Testing

The significance of drug testing at work is being recognized by an increasing number of employers.  Below are some of the methods available to test for drugs in the workplace:

Saliva Testing

Saliva testing is becoming increasingly popular as it is deemed to be less invasive than some of the others.  Nonetheless, to ensure accurate results, it seems that this type of testing is better suited for the detection of very recent drug use. There are studies that have revealed that saliva testing can detect cannabinoids only when the individual being tested have smoked cannabis between 4 and 10 hours before the test.

Blood Testing

This is the most accurate, most invasive and most expensive of all available drug testing methods.  Right at the time of testing, it actually identifies the presence of the drug in the blood as well as its metabolites.  The actual volume of drugs present in the blood when the test is carried out can also be measured by this test.  However, its invasiveness and cost make blood testing less popular than other methods.

Urine Testing

Urine drug testing is the most commonly used drug testing method of all the available techniques.  The popularity of urine testing is understandable as the metabolites, which are the structures generated by the metabolism of all ingested substances, use urine as its primary route of excretion. Analytical techniques used to find traces of any substance in the urine include thin layer chromatography, immunoassays, mass spectrometry and gas spectrometry.

Perspiration Testing

This is among the newer methods of drug testing currently available.  It works by affixing a sweat patch to the skin for a 14-day period.  The patch is designed to detect the presence of drugs excreted by an individual via his or her perspiration. However, it is more frequently used to monitor individuals involved in child custody cases or persons on probation.

These are some of the drug testing options currently available to employers.  If your organization plans on implementing drug testing, ensure that you thoroughly research your options.  This will help you to choose the best method for you and your employees.