What You Need To Know About Powdered Urine

There are many ways to cheat a drug test. Obviously, if you have not used any type of banned substance, you do not need to know about this. However, you might have been exposed to some banned toxins without your knowledge or accidentally. For instance, the people around you might be marijuana users. If you inhale the smoke, you will most likely test positive for this drug. Similarly, you may borrow a bottle of water after an intense workout routine only to discover later on that a banned performance-enhancing drug was added to that water by the owner. Since you cannot afford to fail a drug test, you will need to find ways to pass the drug test in spite of the presence of banned toxins in your body. In that regard, you need to learn more about powdered urine

What is Powdered Urine?

This is basically urine in powder form. To create the liquid urine, you only need to mix the powder with some water and stir. There are many types of human grade synthetic urine products. Some of them come already-mixed while others come in powder form. These products are used by individuals who want to pass a drug test. All they need to do is prepare the fake urine and produce it as the urine sample to be tested. In case a lab technician has been instructed to be present when the sample is being produced, you can use a urinator to deliver the sample. The lab technician cannot tell whether the urine is coming from the fake or real penis because they look the same. The good news is that the lab technician cannot infringe on your privacy beyond being present during urination, so this method is foolproof. 

While powdered urine can help you to pass a urine drug test, there is still a chance that the required drug test may be changed. That is why drug users are always advised to go into a detox program to flush out all the different types of toxins and drugs from their body. There are many types of detox programs out there, including the ever-popular Toxin Rid detox program. 

When you complete a detox program, you can be assured of passing a saliva, urine or blood drug test. If you anticipate a hair drug test, be sure to use a hair detoxification shampoo and cut your hair to erase the history of drug use.